We are about to see the most daring raid on your money in history. It’s time to put the lunatics back in the asylum.

Once again, a FABULOUS analysis!!!

The Slog.

me1511172 There are very clear signals that the 3% are about to put their designs on your deposits and savings into practice. Clandestine unofficial limits on bank withdrawals already apply across Europe, and guarantees on your deposits are to be dumped . The Greek template is being rolled out. The global heist is under way. Enforced caveat emptor is in play: those who demand more and more and more look forward with confidence to their final victory….and the muddled ideas of contemporary LibLeft activists unwittingly aid in the process. But there are still grounds for optimism. 

It seems there are going to be quite a few personnel changes among the senior echelons of Asia’s banks over the next few months. The general conclusion of the business media, however, is that this “will not result in any change in policy”.

I’ve no idea what ‘no change in policy’ means, because…

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The Real Origins of /r/Pizzagate and The Pizzagate/Pedogate Movement (Part 1)

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This post looks back a year at the true origins of pizzagate and exposes the myths peddled by the corporate/mainstream/legacy media. They want this story, as so many others, covered up as exposing it is dangerous for them and the pedophilic ill-ite who control our world at present.

Thankfully the ill-ite are losing their grip as more of their activity is exposed and more people stand up to them and we gradually near tipping point. fuckcensorship who set uop the Reddit pizzagate  group tells his story.

Steemit fuckcensorship The Truth Has No Bias: The Real Origins Of /r/Pizzagate & The Pizzagate/Pedogate Movement. (Part 1) [1]

After the main first post I have also added an interesting pizzagate post [2] 2017 April Voat AnonOpenPress   March 2017 study: The most common form of trafficking was sexual exploitation

The Truth Has No Bias: The Real Origins Of /r/Pizzagate & The Pizzagate/Pedogate Movement…

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We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years

Rotherham Politics

A SECRET document, which remained locked away for 30 years, advised the British Government to COVER-UP the realities of EU membership so that by the time the public realised what was happening it would be too late.

Almost all of the shocking predictions – from the loss of British sovereignty, to monetary union and the over-arching powers of European courts – have come true.

But damningly for Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath, and all those who kept quiet about the findings in the early 70s, the document, known as FCO30/1048, was locked away under Official Secrets Act rules for almost five decades.

The classified paper, dated April 1971, suggested the Government should keep the British public in the dark about what EEC membership means predicting that it would take 30 years for voters to realise what was happening by which time it would be too late to leave.

That last…

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Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations – Joachim Hagopian

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Another fantastic post from Joachim Hagopian of American Empire Exposed blog from  Thursday, November 9, 2017. This post can be found on his blog here [1] 2017 Nov 9 American Empire Exposed Joachim Hagopian Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations.

Joachim covers Sue Arrigo, the CIA and child sex trafficking and ties in other subjects in this post.

Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations by Joachim Hagopian

Forty-year Monarch mind control sex and spy slave-survivor, longtime CIA insider whose job title was “Special Operations Advisor to the Director of Central Intelligence,” and also a medical doctor, the remarkable Sue Arrigo provides a compelling firsthand account of her tortuous life inside the CIA.[i] Her exposé uncovering the infamous agency’s central role in global child sex trafficking, as incredible as it may sound, is feasibly corroborated by tons of supplemental verifiable…

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Digital Unaccountability: Banned from @Facebook for Sharing an Article about #FalseFlags

Shift Happens“Digital” moves faster than The Law or Digital Legislation. In any case, I see that ‘power is in the code’ and their machines rather than the word and people. But this article demonstrates even more about the gap between the paper world of books and our digital world of the internet. Do come to your own conclusions!

I’ve Been Banned From Facebook for Sharing an Article About False Flags


In a corporatist system of government, corporate censorship is state censorship. When there’s no meaningful space between corporate power and government power, it doesn’t make much difference whether the guy silencing your dissent is Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Sessions.

For Those Who Don’t ‘Believe’ In ‘Conspiracies’ Here Are 58 Admitted False Flag Attacks


“False flag terrorism” occurs when elements within a government stage a secret operation whereby government forces pretend to be a targeted enemy while attacking their own forces or people. The attack is then falsely blamed on the enemy in order to justify going to war against that enemy. Continue reading

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#GoodNews: ex-CIA #RobertDavidSteele speaks out about #DeepState, #Paedophiles, Satanists, #Debt and #Peace @KimDotcom @NSAGov @twitter #GoogleGestapo

This video needs to be listened to in full. I shall not write a precis.

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Big Moves soon against Child Sex Abusers?

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Various alternative news outlets are reporting that big moves are due soon on child sexual abuse.

I am not asking you to believe anything, Use your judgement as to what you believe. Do your own research. I merely am presenting these links, precis, or articles from Nov 4th together in one post.

However it is undeniable that both in the UK and the US there has recently been a massive surge in truth coming out about sexual harrassment – in the UK by politicians and Hollywood in the US. This has seen a global #metoo outpouring of stories from many countries and sectors eg sport.

This hopefully will break the dam that has held back many child abuse revelations.

This post is in 5 sections

1.Ronan Farrow Says He’ll Expose ‘the Machine’ that Aided Harvey Weinstein  2017 Nov 4 People Movies [5] 

Ronan Farrow, the reporter who helped expose…

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