Tavistock: the best kept secret in America

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Preface from John Quinn, NewsHawk Inc
This forwarded article was received from Byron Weeks; who in our opinion really has a good firm handle on exactly WHAT is up on many levels with the extraordinarily extensive “control trips” currently being directed against the peoples of the world by elements of the global shadow government.

Weeks, whom I quoted at length in the book PHOENIX UNDEAD, has sent us this compelling look at a globally-active British institute which has had it’s hands in just about every social and political/governmental movement of note throughout much of the world for the past 50 years.

For example, ever wonder who and what is “behind”, let’s say, the CIA? Well, they don’t swear allegiance to America, that’s for certain. Try the British royal family.

This report is the real stuff–solidly researched…

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What does it take to be struck by a train? Be Barrister for @JulianAssange_ !

16 08 19 AssangeJulian Assange’s Lawyer Found Dead After Being Struck by Train:


Renowned lawyer who represented Julian Assange died after being struck by train in West Hampstead


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Holocaust Or Holohoax? 21 Amazing Facts

Mind the Gap: between Facts and Fiction!


Written by Cigpapers

Photos and captions by Watt Tyler

In British Schools, and constantly on British television, we are bombarded with the alleged murder of 6 million jews by the Germans during World War Two. This is commonly referred to as “The Holocaust”. This alleged historical event is also thrown at anyone objecting to mass immigration in to White Nations as proof of the absolute evil  of White Nationalism.The alleged holocaust was also the official reason for setting up the Sate of Israel on May 14th 1948 – if the alleged holocaust was proved not to have happened then the State of Israel would have no legal basis.

img729 Holocaust denial in London, England during January 2015.

In most European Countries even disputing any detail of this alleged historical event is a very serious criminal offence, which can result in up to 20 years imprisonment. In France this can be served…

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#OpIlluminatusPiedPiper #OpTellTale #OpCrazyIvan – Hunting HUMANS may be a hobby for the rich in the next 100 years (Already is a reality to rich paedophiles)

Judaic Paedophilia

Could Hunger Games become a reality? Hunting HUMANS may be a hobby for the rich in the next 100 years

  • By 2200 hunting humans could be televised, and an activity for stag dos
  • Changes is natural environment will drive a divide between rich and poor
  • Humans in the future will kill others in a ‘claimed aim to reduce population size’, although there will be a ‘perverse thrill and excitement’ to it

The popular Hunger Games books are set in a dystopian world in which children are selected to participate in a televised death match.

While the terrifying idea is merely fiction, a world in which we hunt humans could be a reality in the not too distant future.

A tourism expert from the University of Central Lancashire says that hunting humans will…

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@twitter Who controls our Minds? Who determines what is desirable / valuable / worthwhile / moral / ethical / politically correct???

“People want dreams. When they lose faith in their own ability to dream about the life they want, they’ll accept someone else dreaming for them.

“That’s what hypnosis is. Someone else dreaming for you.

This is the subconscious sub-text: he gives you a fantasy about being saved from the despair of being cut off from your own dreams, and you accept it. You accept a substitute. “

That’s hypnosis. That’s mind control. That’s believing you can live in someone else’s creation forever…”

I just read this quote in this article in the fabulous blog Humans are Free.

While the article is about exposing medical ‘secrets’ in the US, it reminds me of the book I’m currently reading:
16 05 25 TavistockThe Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, and Political

The author is Dr John Coleman, publisher of the remarkable blog The Coleman Experience.

And he writes how the Tavistock brainwashed Western European civilization – first under a different name – since before WWI.

But then there is dream factory Hollywood, in the grip of child abuse scandal similar to Jimmy Savile – as published by The Telegraph – the first step towards Satanic Hollywood

What does turn innocent young boys into dirty old men?

How come there are also women among cruel paedophiles?

Why does celebrity and power seem to depend on it?


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Shaming @GOVUK into #Change? #Corruption #kleptocracy #poverty #PanamaPapers in cyber air

16 05 14 The Kleptocracy Tour 116 05 14 The Kleptocracy Tour 2

When SYMPTOMS are considered, rather than CAUSES, illnesses can’t be eradicated. But the National Debt and the Governments’ ‘borrowing spending requirements’, the creation of money and its nature are about what’s so dishonest about our money system.

The ‘kleptocracy tour’ is certainly a sick-making symptom – at the other end of the money spectrum with homelessness and joblessness.

Ken Loach was so shocked by a ‘decision-maker’ deciding over someone’s ability to work – who cares whether ‘austerity measures’ can provide for jobs at all – that he directed the film I, Daniel Blake which was welcomed with tears in Cannes.

Similarly, the need for a Global Corruption Barometer and the Corruption Perceptions Index published by Transparency International are sad symptoms of a society desperately sick from capitalism. Continue reading

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American #Paedophilia: Prerequisite of a Wealthy Elitist — in #Australia, #UK and where else?

National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse

This is a most comprehensive article that I’ve seen on

It finishes with the key question:

Are Americans really so oblivious as to be led by the noses by a bunch of sadistic, Satanic pedophiles without even knowing it?

For Britain, The Coleman Experience gives the answer:

Whistleblower Kids are telling the truth: Britain is run by Satanists.

For Australia, Fiona Barnett is the most outspoken abuse survivor and whistleblower.

I am just surprised that the murder of Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband was omitted. But not everybody joins the dots between institutionalised child-snatching and elitist paedophilia…

Most Americans in this postmodern era are well aware that something is wrong. Whether they can say for certain what the cause of this sociocultural virus is, everyone has their own ideas and secret aces up their sleeves that “make sense of everything” and…

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