Open Letter to Agents of the Crown – by the Freedom School where Individualism is Promoted

We Who Oppose DeceptionIf you click on this thumbnail, you’ll get to seven pages of interesting reading. About

  • the 13th Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America
  • the Crown Temple in London as the basis for a “license to practice law” in the US
  • that this law is copyrighted, so it can’t be used without ‘lawyers’
  • that statutes, codes, rules and regulations are not law, but abrogation of the law
  • abrogate means to abolish by authoritative action, see ANNUL.
  • the real Law was replaced with ‘color of law’, a false flag, a pirate flag.

The BAR Association is a hate-driven money cult:

  1. your masters reward you by allowing you to charge obscene hourly rates for the building of your personal empires
  2. you are so far gone from the sight of God that you think you have the authority to write rules to justify torturing your fellow beings.
  3. We have no legitimate law because we have not legitimate money.

The write is fuelled with the wrath of God:

  • You are being destroyed by leaks from within.
  • From the 13 European families of banking perversion to the Everytown, USA municipal traffic court judge (who would not be caught dead retiring with less than $30 million of the People’s money) and all the Satanist racketeering extortionist blackmailing pedophile warmongering purveyors of human flesh in between, the Chosen Masters are finished.
  • We the People, the ones in whom the power is truly vested, are putting an end to your despical trafficking in human flesh and spirit.

And here’s what American have in common with the UK:

  • We used to have common law courts in this country. You may have not been taught this in your mystery schools, however, in common law, unless a living man or woman has been injured or a property loss has occurred there has been no crime.
  • The People will no longer tolerate the lies, the corruption and death that are your daily bread.
  • You have made it illegal to get out of debt! You put every man, woman and child under the probate statues and made us into corporate fictions so you could create life-destroying industries such as taxation and the judicial system.

The final “bullet”:

  • Judges merit a special note. Municipal traffic court, bankruptcy court, probate court, makes no difference, you are the most venal and rapacious type of creature imaginable.
  • We have awakened to the real state of affairs: that we live in the bizarre world of your make-believe. Thus it should come as no surprise that the man in the black robe/dress, supposedly learned in the “law”, is in reality an extortionist, a career criminal, the most unlawful creature on Earth.
  • The judge’s bench (“bank”) is a moveable feast, his black robes highly appropriate for a bird of carrion.

Member of the BAR, here are your choices:

  1. Come into the Light or
  2. go into the Light.

You very dark ones face un-creation or the Hell planet — you will not be missed — either as a target or as a thought.

By: We Who Oppose Deception

and we do reserve all rights at all times and in all places!

ENJOY reading the full letter!!!



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7 responses to “Open Letter to Agents of the Crown – by the Freedom School where Individualism is Promoted

  1. Paulette Cooper

    Excellent! BUt needs more confirmation to show that this covers all countries, the EU and the UK in particular.

  2. My views are as written and by Paulette, but I will add we need people en masse to take back the country and change the laws. Why do we still keep the forces army etc. It is to keep us in control, at least the masses are now rising up in third world countries and it will happen here.

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