From Nazism to Pseudo-Islam: the New World Order in its European Cloaks

The tragedy about this ‘islamification’ is that in Islam, the ultimate sin is ‘riba‘, making money out of money. But the global financial elite is smart at deceiving and telling half-truths to their servants and slaves…

Remember: Nazism, where everybody was ‘just doing their job’, was only possible because the government had enough money to employ those people…

Date: Sunday, 1 May, 2011, 8:25

What Are You Holding Back Guy?

Guy Leven-Torres

1st April 2011

I have been asked to reveal what I have known for some time about where we are headed. I am rather reluctant to do so, because I do not think the average person will believe me. Also, I cannot and will not, provide information about my sources. All you need to know is that they are impeccable. Anyway please suspend belief for now…..

Intentions of Elite in EU….


1) The ceding of areas of Europe-inner cities- to sharia.

2) The Quoran to be given protected status across Europe

3) The gradual but steady harmonisation of all European law towards that in- as yet- non accessed countries intended to form the Euro-Med Union. Barosso the former Portuguese Communist admitted as much in a recent speech to EuroMed Dialogue delegates (2007)

4) Accelerated membership of Turkey towards full integration into EU as the current crop or regime changes take place, establishing new elites within countries more empathetic to Brussels neo- colonial imperialist intentions. Turkey has already been paid and funded by EU to open up its borders to Syria and other Moslem lands. The Syrian situation will create another flow of migrants into the EU. This is the whole raison d’etre for the sudden uprisings in the so called ‘Arab Springs’

5) Massive ongoing programme of mosque building and more intensification of Islamification programe across the EU, preparatory to final consolidation of ‘Eurabia’ Imperium through ‘Euro-Med Dialogue’, extending from John O’Groats to Persian Gulf

6) The instigators of the EU destabilising attacks upon Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Morocco, are fully aware of the massive problems being caused by the ‘flood of refugees’ into Italy and Spain. Their intention is to destabilise the weakened ‘PIIGS’- Portugal, Italy, Eire, Greece and Spain, unable, or now increasingly unwilling to act in unison against the deliberately created flood of Moslem males through their porous Schengen borders. The only way to save the Euro- a political monetisation- is to hurriedly form a Euro-Med Union in which the nation states that will form it are made to disappear completely and a new rapidly forming polyglot population induced.

6) The ‘leaders’ of the former nation states are absolutely powerless to halt or control this. As in the UK, real power rests with Brussels ruling through localised authorities like County Councils or ‘NGOs’ to be found across Europe but increasingly across the Moslem world too. The so called Regional Assemblies across the UK, all of which are private Ltd Corporations, to the Anna Lindh Foundation, the very heart of the Euro-Med Dialogue itself and behind the current happenings are all instruments of EU policy and actions, as is their agency Common Purpose in the UK and other parts of the Continent.

7) Full Islamification and sharia are the only way this system will work as intended

8) The elite have no fear whatsoever of the European populace. We are regarded as a spent ‘decadent force’ that will do as it is told

9) Any resistance will be met by crushing, absolutely overwhelming force

10) Arrests of dissidents will be necessary across the European Continent and new ‘Members’ of the Imperium. This may not happen immedietely

11) Parliament and all national ruling bodies are to be abolished by EU Presidential Decree

12) Von Rompuy will be declared President for life

13) Christianity to be ‘outlawed’ by de facto imposition across the board Equality and Diversity legislation. This has already begun to some extent

14) Private property abolished

15) Any individual or group may be arrested at whim for any perceived threat to system under heinous ‘Equality and Diversity’ laws

16) Absolute rule of Health and Safety, designed to encourage apathy and reduce population to total quiessence

17) Massive indoctrination of European and Moslem youth- pioneer brigades of ‘Euro Youth’

18) Massive birth control programme and state intervention in family and birth control. Permission will have to be sought to breed. It is unclear as yet if this will affect migrants.

19) Massive increase in power of social services.

20) Couples wanting to breed will not only have to apply to have children but sign a contract with the state, that will ‘loan them’ their own offspring on certain tight and monitored conditions. The children will belong to the state

21) Harmonisation of all Police and military forces across Euro-Med Union (Imperium). This includes uniform, weaponry, law and tactics. National Service across the Euro-Med area

22) Establishment of Secret Police (EuroPol) and encouragement for neighbour to report on neighbour. This is the beginning of the Big Society concept

23) Any comment, action even thought will be subject to ‘Equality and Diversity’ laws. Any one anywhere can take offence at something one has said of thought to have thought. It is up to the accused ‘to prove’ to his accuser that he did not intend to offend. This is the basis of Harman’s rotten EU sponsored ‘Equality Law’ and why the Police now routinely arrest people for singing harmless songs based simply on the whim of an ‘offended’ migrant. This same system was used in the USSR and today in China to instil absolute fear into the public, even though at present, arrests rarely result in a conviction. This will change in the next few months as EU Coprus Juris replaces national UK laws

24) Programme of white European population reduction to balance the migrant- white indigenous ratio.

Well you did ask didn’t you?

I am but the Messenger after all….




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5 responses to “From Nazism to Pseudo-Islam: the New World Order in its European Cloaks

  1. when researching the eugenics society,I wanted to know how a man like Hitler came to power or who put him in to pawer, and how he was allowed to murder 6 million jews, the world knew what he was doing, and it was the elite that put him into power, because of the world population. And so we now have internal wars world wide and created by the elite. And vaccinations and birth controle yes again to stop production and controle. It took me many years to research as to why women were being prescibed hormones for menopause, they where murdering older women in their thousands with H.R.T.and continue to do so.

  2. IN 2006 Martin Walker wrote the book, which is for sale in all shops world wide, it was written and produced to warn women of the dangers

  3. Julian fatmer

    Yes amazingly accurate-How he does it we shall never know-He’s good, very good.

  4. It’s obviously MUCH easier to ‘wake up’ once we know the agenda. I wonder for how long the mainstream media will continue to ignore the Illuminati with their New World Order:

  5. Ade

    Our best weapon at the moment is information, keep spreading the truth. Disinformation is everywhere though, and the net is infiltrated with those who wish to sow division and confusion between Europeans. We Europeans need to work together.

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