After ‘high grading circles’ got cold feet and cancelled ‘mega ritual’ in Berlin

The tyranny of the “moneymen”
The gap between rich and poor in the US and the West is accelerating towards the levels that are now prevalent in the third world. The tyranny and dictatorship of corporations and the ultra rich are causing levels of hardship and pain that, if unchecked, will lead to civil unrest, and crime, and threaten community cohesion. Politicians take heed.


Chomsky: Wealthiest 1% Rule Our Politics. But There’s Hope in the Fight Against Global Capital

One failing of the social movements that I’ve noticed over many years is that while they are focusing on extremely crucial and important social issues like women’s rights, environmental protections, and so on, they have tended to ignore or downplay the economic and social crises faced by working people. So, to take a concrete example right near where I live, right now there is a town near Boston where a multinational corporation is closing down a local plant because it’s not profitable enough from the point of view of the multinational. Members of the workforce have offered to purchase the plant and the equipment, and the multinational doesn’t want to do that; it would rather lose money than offer the opportunity for a worker self-managed plant that might well become successful.But sufficient popular support, community support, activist support, and so on, could swing the balance.


A Planned Depression?

Because Lady Gaga is of infinitely more importance than central banking, people tend to forget that the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland virtually controls 100 of the largest central banks around the world. What happens at the BIS affects almost everyone. When was the last time you heard a news story about the BIS? If the mainstream media news actually reflected the reality of world events, every news broadcast would start with an update on BIS policies and then discuss the economic moves of some of the larger central banks. In fact, the closest we get to understanding what’s going on with central banking in mainstream news is when various news programs regurgitate press releases or show video clips of pre-planned speeches.


The Empire Strikes Back

In this “Brave New World” the Alpha’s and Beta’s, Gamma’s and Delta’s are fed a never ending stream of scorn for their neighbors. Politicians pour out innuendos and invectives towards enemy’s de jour. The media indoctrinates the public to hate and to distrust Muslims, Blacks, Gay’s, Hispanics, the poor, the unemployed and the foreclosed upon.



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