We will, we will sack you – for the Truth must not Come Out about 7/7

Tony Farrell - Principal Intelligence Analyst

We not only WILL, we HAVE sacked Tony Farrell who worked as a Principal Intelligence Analyst for South Yorkshire Police.

After studying 9/11 information and following the advice of his Christian minister to do the same for 7/7, he concluded that the official version is a “monstruous lie”…

Does there exist an ‘internal tyranny’ worse than any external foe?

His report suggests:

There will be total outrage within the masses and a complete breakdown of trust between the Government and the poeple of the UK.

He alluded to secret societies and a Masonic influence as being very central.

Tony Farrell got sacked, his appeal was dismissed and a final hearing before an Employment Tribunal will be held in early September 2011 in Sheffield.

The full story is on Terror in the Tube.

A video interview Terror threat is in UK Government.

An article is entitled British Police Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell: 9/11 and 7/7 are Acts of Internal Tyranny.




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7 responses to “We will, we will sack you – for the Truth must not Come Out about 7/7

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