Tottenham’s Inevitable Revolt 2011 – and the Real Reasons for the Attacks on Norway

This 35-page article was written by David Pidcock who is extremely well versed in all aspects of money creation, especially from the Islamic perspective.

Quoting Catherine Austin Fitts, he points out

  • America’s aristocracy makes money ensnaring our youth in a pincer movement of drugs and prisons
  • and wins middle class support through contracts for War on Drugs
  • and “it’s more than a process designed to wipe out the middle class: it’s genocide.
He points out War against the Poor as one of the agenda items of the New World Order (NWO). Furthermore:
  • The Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem as  the “Supreme Court of Mankind” under the One World Government that the NWO wants to establish with a debt-based currency – built by the Rothschilds – with symbololgy and numeriology by Freemasons
  • The recognition by Norway of a Palestinian State in line with the Oslo Accord and its boykott of Israeli products was and still is viewed by Israel as a declaration of war – and explains its direct involvement in the recent bombing and island massacre in Norway
David quotes

and finishes by quoting



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2 responses to “Tottenham’s Inevitable Revolt 2011 – and the Real Reasons for the Attacks on Norway

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  2. Look, I keep telling y’all you’re gonna lose and I swear I hate being right, really I do!!.

    Why do you guys bother turn up to these matches. You must all know the inevitable.

    The score line was minimal because they were reduced to 10 men. So, y’all cant be that embarrassed since you’re used to 5 goals wallopings lol

    Kudos to Defoe for scoring that overhead acrobatic goal, FAT GOOD that did you guys though lol

    COME ON! Take it on the chin hehehehehehehehehe

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