Whose Message is “We Oppose Deception”? Who is deceiving how?

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“Founding of the Planetary Society Carl Sagan” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After having discoveredWe Who Oppose Deception –  and we do reserve all rights at all times and in all places”, I loved it so much that I had to start this blog.

Recently, I got an email from Richard Moore who alerted me to The Science of Crop Circles and I re-marvelled at that most remarkable phenomenon.

And then I noticed the story by the wonderful scientist Carl Sagan whose message was sent “into space” in 1974 and got a response exactly one year later:

  • with single letters coded into ASCII – the computer code I knew more or less by heart once upon a time
  • translated into English
  • resulting in this text:

Beware with the bearers of false presence and broken promises.
Much pain but is still time.
Believe there is still good out there.
We oppose deception
and the conduit is closing.


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One response to “Whose Message is “We Oppose Deception”? Who is deceiving how?

  1. Robert Dooran

    On what grounds has my account been ‘blocked’?

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