Taxpayers Unite: our attempt to make a difference with Meetup

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Meetup is a great platform which has been used most successfully by GlobalNet21. Its organiser Francis Sealey has set up a webinar with me for October 15 at 7.30 on Child Protection and Child Snatching – The Truth.

Chris Coverdale, an expert on the illegality of war, and I have now started Taxpayers Unite  and have scheduled three meetings.

We want to re-establish legality on a financial and political level via Parliament, by tackling

  1. The Legal Case against War
  2. Creating a New Association of Taxpayers
  3. Enforcing the Bank of England Act 1694
    • to turn ‘financial products’ back into money as a medium for exchange and not a tool for control
  4. Transparency in the UK Family Courts
  5. Compliance with The Rule of Law

Maybe we’ll see you online and / or face-to-face at the Indian YMCA in London?


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