Shock Therapy about the Child Abuse Pyramid: for my Mind and Yours?

Henry Makow got a Ph.D. for English literature and wrote A Long Way to Go for a Date about women in the Philippines. On his website, he exposes ‘feminism and the New World Order’.

Well, he doesn’t know what it is to be a woman with a scientific, rational and logical mind. After all, ‘feminism’, like any other ‘ism’, touches these women and those women… But his theories are VERY convincing!

Independent of his gender issues, I was sent to his site now because of an email pointing to The Royal Arch: Sociopaths Who Rule Britain by MI-6 Insider.

I’ve heard it more than once, this allegation of satanic ritual abuse. I’ve heard from one of the daughters of parents deprived of their children that she was taken to dark places where there were only men.

But to read these summaries of UK names and connections, well, it took Henry Makow himself one year to ‘process’ the information compiled here:

You’ve been warned about ‘shock therapy’ in the title. Despite that: happy reading and clicking!…

He links to whistleblower blogs such as:

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