HOW MANY PEOPLE believe 9/11 was an Inside Job? Producer of “Reasonable Cause” in Court

EddieTheCat7 is a YouTube channel that specialises on ‘conspiracy’, ‘truth’ and mis- and dis-information, especially relating to 9/11 as the biggest event that triggered the ‘truth movement’.

This video shows the public awakening relating to 9/11.

The video looks at:

The trigger was yesterday’s court case in Horsham, because Tony Rooke, producer of Reasonable Cause, refuses to pay his TV license.

Consider not paying your TV license as Tony Rooke chose…

I’m just wondering why paedophilia has gone down on Google Trends since 2005…


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One response to “HOW MANY PEOPLE believe 9/11 was an Inside Job? Producer of “Reasonable Cause” in Court

  1. Those who refuse to question the gaping holes in the official 9/11 story, whether the overall story be true or not, and the obvious inconsistencies in Larry Silversteins revelations, whether he is trying to state the truth or not, do not deserve the liberty that they do not fight for. Also those who do not seek the truth, be it different from the official narrative or not, are part of the problem, as opposed to part of the solution, and at the same time are possibly doing the many victims of 9/11 a disservice by allowing the deaths of these people to be in vain.

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