REASONABLE CAUSE: a 2-hour video on 9/11, the British Government and the Terrorism Act

The 2 hour long video REASONABLE CAUSE [something that excuses or justifies failure to file a tax return on time] was produced by Tony Rooke.

It’s about The British Government and TerrorismThe Terrorism Act 2005 as the consequence of 9/11 and 7/7 2005 in London and a New Britain – a changed nation – with Freedom Restricted…

  • “We know we need strict controls…” – Tony Blair

  • Full public inquiries are never full. And never public. – Tony Rooke

  • The Police view themselves above the law. And they are.

“I don’t think people should distinguish between crime and terrorism.” – Ian Blair

They tampered evidence, forced confessions and withheld evidence, e.g.:

  • The Birmingham 6 – 16 years
  • The Guildford 4 – 15 years
  • Anne Maguire – 15 years
  • Judith Ward – 18 years
  • Danny McNamee – 11 years
  • Jean de Menezes – shot.

What can we do?

  1. Ask the Police for the CCTV footage they claim doesn’t exist
  2. Ask the Mainstream Media about the discrepancy between the official story and the one ‘we know’
  3. Ask your MP for explanations.

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