HOW DO YOU MEASURE Cover-Ups? Corruption and Racketeering in Entertainment & Media, Judiciary & Police

Tony Farrell, former Principal Intelligence Analyst of South Yorkshire Police, calls it ‘monstrous’: the State cover-up of Ms Seven versus Gossage and Nine Others. For me, it’s the most criminal of all cover-ups.

Here Tony presents the case in 13 minutes.

On The Farrell Report, Ms Seven talks about it for 7 minutes, and together they present their 240-page report. It has been sent to

  • Chief Constables in UK
  • All Crime and Community Safety Leaders in UK
  • UK Police Commissioners
  • Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
  • All Parliamentarians
  • undisclosed media outlets, selected officers from the Metropolitan Police, other Police Forces in UK and activists.

The report covers five parts:

  1. The Context: Seven vs Christopher Gossage from Media Law Firm Russells and Nine Others
  2. The Analysis: Allegations, Obstructions, Failures to Investigate, Solve Crime & Support Victim
  3. Five Suspicious Deaths connected with the Case
  4. The 7/7 Connection: Domestic Terror in London, the Jean Charles de Menezes connection
  5. Conclusions: secrecy, cowardice and evil among a media controlled Police State.

The Gang-Stalking and Repeat Victimisation of Seven

  • for nearly a decade, Seven has been subjected to serious harassment and death threats
  • the Genesis Housing Group should be investigated for the deployment of scaffolding and a threat of prison
  • the City of Westminster and the role of Equita, Newlyn Debt Collection Services should be investigated for sending fake demands for Council Tax.

The Accused 

  • Lord Justice Lawrence Collins
  • Sir William Blackburne
  • Barrister Brian Nicholson
  • Jim Manson – Scottish Media Group
  • The Late Sir Nicholas Pumfrey
  • Leveson Inquiry Tamsin Allen
  • Nicholas Warren – a key witness
  • Sir Peter Gibson – a key witness
  • Sir John Chadwick – a key witness
  • 10 defendants should have faced criminal trials
  • warrants for the arrest of seven named individuals should be issued forthwith.

The Metropolitan Police

  • an independent inquiry into the activities of the Metropolitan Police should take place.

Two Corrupt Senior Judges

  • a judicial investigation into the abuse of power by two Senior Judges should take place: Sir William Blackburne and Lord Justice Lawrence Collins.

The Suspicious Deaths

  • two supportive persons died on the same day
  • Judge Nicholas Pumfrey died at 54
  • Channel 4 Executive Sarah Mulvey’s died supposedly of suicide.

The Corrupt Defence Barrister

  • Brian Nicholson perverted the course of justice and committed fraud on several occasions.

The Integrity of the Leveson Inquiry

  • Given the accusations brought against Tamsin Allen, her appointment to the Leveson Inquiry should be subject to scrutiny.

7/7 and Media Hoax Scenes

  • the role of Jim Manson of the Scottish Media Group should be investigated.

7/7 and the Innocent Victims

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin – Daniel 5:25:
Your days are numbered

Whether it’s Hillsborough, Lambeth Council, Jimmy Savile, 7/7 or Seven vs Gossage and Nine Others, it seems that a major face saving operation is required:



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12 responses to “HOW DO YOU MEASURE Cover-Ups? Corruption and Racketeering in Entertainment & Media, Judiciary & Police

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  2. Michael

    These are despicable people whose days are numbered


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  7. It does not surprise me . The same thing has happened to me in Australia.
    My website is and my published book is, The Red Back Web by Dr Helen Tsigounis.
    Circulation of the truth is my only tool to fight such despicable behaviour.

  8. Anonymous

    Adjournment debate.. House of commons 28th Jan 2014… Gerry Sutcliffe MP… subject John Elam & the real cover up behind the 7/7 bombings…
    John Elam’s McKenzie friend.
    Drop me a line & ill send you everything…

  9. cherylplumlee83

    Hi, you’ll find ‘all’ the damning evidence against a police~farce and kangaroo~courts you need, from the world’s leading light on megalomaniacal~psychopaths. ‘Erol’ allowed himself to be arrested repeatedly to ‘expose’ the pedophile~ring~run ‘weapon’ of the genocidal free~masons.

    There obviously isn’t enough police and they’re simply there to serve and protect the evil, for their own jollies. Whilst they serve to ’emasculate’ human men and keep all humans in mental~bondage, whilst we’re being preyed~on from every angle, by the beasts they deliberately release, to keep themselves in doughnuts and clown shoes.

    Erol exposes them in his comedy videos and part 2 should be out in the coming days.

    His website exposes ‘the bigger picture’ about the ‘unaccountable’ hostile~dependent beasts, in their ‘binary’ clown~uniforms and wigs and capes and the ‘whole‘ evil~agenda behind all the puppets’, ‘cerebral’ and somatic ‘sex~offenders.’

    IF the public weren’t apathetic, groomed, duped and divided into narcissistic cells, the ‘S.imple O.bvious S.olution’ would be to ‘demand’ that all public~servants take a ‘live fMRI brain~scan’ and emotional~intelligence tests.

    You’d then ‘realise’ that 9 out of every 10 of those on publicly~funded perches are ‘mental~quadriplegics’ who prey~on the public for sexual~pleasure; as they’re ‘cerebral’ sex~offenders, whilst the police~farce tend to be more ‘somatic.’

    Erol’s latest wordpress article, helps humans ‘heal’ who’ve been targeted by the rabid, historically~outcast ‘psychological~abusers,’ who’s primitive~brain’s dominant genes have resurfaced in times were they’re promoted to do the work of the devil, at all costs.


  10. Tariq Rehman

    As a Barrister I am being victimised by the Bar Council for whistle blowing on the corruption of lawyers and judges. I have helped a number of victims of court corruption and I am being targeted with trumped up false charges to try and get me disbarred. I want to contact charlie seven and any other victims to help in the fight against this corruption. I have practised as a Barrister for 15 years without any problems but as soon as I put my head above the parapet I have been harassed and threatened with sanctions.

  11. Thank You, Tariq! KEEP STRONG! This is a serious battle between Good and Evil.

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