MAPPING the Global Awakening: “Illuminati” googled 9 million times per month

This video is from the excellent EddyTheCat7 channel – to boost the morale of infowarriors: it uses web analytics to illustrate the global awakening:

  1. Mainstream Media have begun to mention “Illuminati” and Ted Gunderson
  2. Millions of surfers are noticing the infowars of mis- and dis-information: 28% of Americans believe in the New World Order
  3. Google Adwords estimates that “illuminati” is being googled 9 million times per month
  4. Google Trends predicts that search volumes are increased
  5. Google Zeitgeist 2012: “Illuminati” is a top 10 search term in UK, Sweden, Kenya and South Africa
  6. Wikipedia 2012: 10.5 million English speakers read the “Illuminati” entry
  7. Topsy – Twitter analytics – 3 July 2012: Illuminati was tweeted more often than Olympics
  8. Illuminati on Alexa’s Hot Topics list thanks to Beyonce
  9. Nigerian community site gets involved
  10. International Conspiracy Sites: over 100 with Alexa ratings less than 100,000
  11. is as popular as Playboy: over 3 million absolute unique visitors per month
  12. The Globalists are worried about The Diffusion of Innovation – Everett M Rogers

Diffusion is the process by which an innovation (internet truth / conspiracy) is communicated through media (internet) over time among members of a social system (surfers).

  1. 9/11 is a ‘take off point’ for ‘innovation’ 
  2. Alex Jones, David Icke
  3. Opinion Leaders follow the innovators: We R Change
  4. Early Adopters, Late Adopters, Laggards and Non-Adopters
  5. Early Majority: Project Monarch
  6. Late Majority

When will the tipping point happen? It’s estimated that only 10% are needed…

For innovation to succeed, “re-branding” needs to occur:

  • Host a Bill Hicks tribute night
  • Throw a Illuminati Party
  • Rebrand conspiracy – off web and be part of the winning team!!!


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5 responses to “MAPPING the Global Awakening: “Illuminati” googled 9 million times per month

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  2. Abdulkareem Al-Bertali

    People will get the point eventually. Sadly it will all be too late when they do. These people have already laid out the ground works and solutions to global revolution of the people.

  3. Kochanowski

    Please help us.Small country Poland need support to expose illuminati and Opus Dei in our government.Send list to email .Thanks for any help.

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