EVERYTHING you know about Crime is Wrong: dishonest money creates criminal behaviour

13 05 18 Organised crimeHow Jill Dando’s death convinced me everything you know about crime is wrong.

This headline of today’s Daily Mail article by Nick Ross, Jill Dando’s co-presenter of Crimewatch, invited this comment from me:

Very good reading! The Chinese TV story reminds me of my observations in former East Germany. There was no crime until capitalism rolled in (with a vengeance)!

In my analysis of what’s so dishonest about our money system (as the cause) and white collar crimes (as the effect), I am particularly horrified by the most heinous of all crimes: child snatching. After having observed the farce of a ‘court case’ about the appeal of an adoption order, I can only concur with the quotation by Lord Tebbit: “the rich have the resources to deal with the fallout.”

Secrecy cloaks criminality. The crimes range from denying and lying to committing crimes to cover them up, from paedophilia and bankruptcies to home repossessions and child snatching. Under the disguise of ‘justice’! Under the pretext of “the best interest of the child.”

When it is politically correct that homosexuals can adopt 2 boys against the will of the mother, something serious must be wrong! Victims and Whistleblowers Unite!

As the pitilessly direct Conservative sage Lord Tebbit put it:

‘When I look at what we denounce as  the appalling conduct of “ordinary people” I see the way the rich have always behaved. ‘It’s just that they have had the resources to deal with the fallout.’

Nick Ross busts these five myths about crime:

  1. Crime is caused by a broken society
  2. British justice is the best in the world
  3. Poverty is the main cause of crime
  4. A ‘wicked’ minority is behind crime
  5. There is more crime than ever before

I’d like to add the following ones:

People in authority don’t commit crimes.

  • the reality is that they are the real criminals

People in authority do what is right and correct.

  • in reality, they give us the run around and never take responsibility for anything

Organisations are set up to achieve what it says on the tin.

  • in fact, they are never fit for purpose, it seems, and one has to wonder whether it’s by design

Whether Police, Court Staff, Judges, Solicitors, Doctors – all those professionals who ‘do it for money’ rather than ‘amateurs’ who do it out of love and passion – it seems rare when they actually deliver what they should.

In the end, we must contend ourselves with the fact that we can’t change the world. We can only change ourselves, to create as much change in the world as possible.



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