The Man Who Pushed a Toy Pig to the Bank of England

You couldn’t be more creative / inventive / committed / sacrificial than in this way of protesting against the financial economy destroying and robbing public services as well as the real economy!!!

Scriptonite Daily


A few weeks ago, I carried the story of Mark McGowan a.k.a The Artist Taxi Driver’s #wheresdaddyspig protest.  Currently in treatment for bowel cancer, he pushed a toy pig more than 3 miles from Kings College Hospital to No 10 Downing Street, in a bid to raise awareness of the privatisation of the NHS.  Today, he’s at it again! This time, he’s headed to the Bank of England…and he’s not alone.

From One Pigsty to Another


The event is designed to protest what Mark refers to as ‘the pigs in the trough of our public services’.  The complicity between parliament and the private sector in transferring public services and jobs into the private sector in order to make a profit has never been as great or as dangerous as it is today.

Mark has been joined by a Firefighter who is pushing a toy fire engine, protesting the…

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