BBC and other Mainstream Media cover Bilderberg [High Priests of Globalisation] – at long last since 1954

Tony Gosling has been studying the Bilderbergers for years. He started by being shocked that the original Chairman for 20 years since 1954 was a Nazi. In this BBC coverage he suggests that there are criminals  in the fancy hotel, protected by Police, when, maybe it should be the other way round: the people should be protected from the elite criminals…

But here BBC London News reporter is refused access:

Bilderberg Fringe Festival and Bilderberg 2013 are the UK response to this historic event.

This 8-minute video is an introductory guide to the Bilderberg Group.

Here is an analysis of this year’s agenda.

This link proves from FOI requests regarding George Osborne’s participation that they are the Policy Makers behind governments.

In the US, Texan Alex Jones is the Bilderberg expert. He speaks here on the road to Watford and announces that “Google-Berg” is born:

This German blog had pointed out that the choice of locations has strategic significance:

  • after the Washington meeting, Lehmann Brothers went down the drain
  • after the Athens meeting, the Greek debt crisis broke out
  • after a meeting in Switzerland, it joined the Euro-Club
  • this meeting in the UK is anticipated to ‘seal’ the rift between Eurosceptics and Europhiles…

Gerard Batten MEP for UKIP, addresses this topic:

The rest is google, Twitter, YouTube and mainstream media after all – besides what’s going on in YOUR mind!



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8 responses to “BBC and other Mainstream Media cover Bilderberg [High Priests of Globalisation] – at long last since 1954

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