SILENCING DISSENT: a Joined Up Saga of Global Intimidation

13 08 25 Silencing DissentInforrm’s Blog – the international forum for responsible media blog with over 2,100 followers – is a rich source of articles. On this Sunday morning in peaceful Havelland, the former DDR or East Germany, it’s sort of soothing to read Dissent into Darkness: The Misuse of Law to Stifle Criticism. For I watch a wonderful documentary about ‘the new Indonesia’, listen to Whisperings, my favourite internet radio station with solo piano music and meditate and muse thanks to the graciousness of my laptop.

Note this Table of Media Law Cases, this list of Defamation Cases since 2010 and Forthcoming Cases on top of the articles on the home page and weekly round ups, besides a rich list of links.


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