A RARE VICTORY for Peacemongers and a few other ‘big ideas’

Here’s Galloway’s speech yesterday in the House of Commons.

Peacemongers 285 – Warmongers 272
House of Commons: Thursday 29th August 2013
“Cameron says it was Galloway’s Doing” ‘of whom there was no mention on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme on Friday morning 30/8-2013’.

Below are Thoughts from a Peacemonger, penned appropriately at the Boston Tea Party, a student café in Exeter – by the publisher of the Cliff’s Edge Signalling Company. Since he’s also the author of the History of Usury, I’d like to add my primary call for ‘economic democracy‘ at long last, since currencies and money have become weapons of mass destruction big time!

Each time a new crisis is manufactured by the Warmongers, I am struck by how well organized they are in the use of shock doctrine…see the book Shock Doctrine by Naomi Kline…and other ‘strategic and tactical assets’ that their War-Monger-Agents (WMAs) deploy in a tightly coordinated manner to reach their immediate goal, which, in the case of Syria, is ‘overt intervention’ in the internal affairs of another country.

Question: is it ‘just paranoia’ to suggest that it is not accidental that the military sharpshooters are fanning out across the English countryside (Somerset and Gloucestershire) to kill badgers at the same time that cruise missiles will be launched at Syrian civilians?

The response of the Peacemongers…petitions & letters to MPs & official media…is guaranteed to be too little too late. The problem is that strategically and tactically, the Warmongers are a decade ahead of the Peacemongers.

In the medium-term, one of the challengers for the intellectual vanguard of the Peacemongers ought to be to catch up and then leapfrog over the Warmongers.

In the short-term, to build toward this medium-term goal, each manufactured crisis ought to be used to cut the lead time between today’s Manufactured War Crisis (MWCs) and next month’s.

There is some evidence that this is starting to happen as a result of the widespread mockery heaped upon neocon global US domination theory for more than a decade.

The Blair dodgy dossie for intervention in Iraq, the Niger uranium forged memos and an increasing awareness that all wars are conspiracies begun by false flag operations…this is for legal and looting reasons to do with the small print of Trading with the Enemy Acts…and that all recent interventions have been disasters…have meant that the bar for pointlessly lobbing cruise missiles into Syria is that much higher.

Here is a Seven Point British Programme for the type of Peacemonger programmes to be ratcheted up in response to each MFC outrage…to become, in the fullness of time, a permanent political movement.

(1) Don’t use the UN Security Council (a federation of arms suppliers) as a sword of war, but use the UNs ‘good institutions’ as ploughshares of peace by linking events such as the killing of innocent civilians with chemical weapons with renewing and strengthening taboos against any state- and government-sanctioned legalized murder, of increasingly dodgy legitimacy, by adding aerial bombing, state-sponsored assassinations, depleted uranium & land mine clearance, military rape and much more to the (weakly observed and poorly defined) chemical and biological weapons ‘taboo’, with individuals (and perhaps judicial persons) answerable to Peace Crimes Tribunals. ‘A child only dies once’ is only a small part of the picture. Traumas last for thirteen generations…six past and six future. This element of a Peacemonger programme would mean:

(a) Emphasize the distinction between combatants and non-combatants, soldiers and civilians, military (including their private contractors) and ordinary citizens by dealing with the anomalies that the doctrine of total war has created by adding to doctrines on Just War and Conscientious Objectors, new doctrines on Consenting Non-Combatants.

(b) Create Peace Heroes (cf War Heroes) like the military commanders who refuse orders to attack until civilians have been evacuated (Dieppe in 1942 etc). There is no coordinated campaign for Peace Heroes.

(2) Research and teach about the shifting pattern of British Interests and England’s (and Scotland’s) role in the world between the reigns of the two Elizabeth’s…drawing distinctions between the interests of ordinary citizens (and the different classes within this) and those of international financiers and other judicial persons (oils companies etc.)

Fair and honest treatment of the evidence would lead to the development of a 10-year political programme for the UK to phase out:

(a) the City of London (by reinstating the Tudor laws against Usury),

(b) the British Killingry Business (by withdrawal of public funds),,

(c) the UK Armed Forces (by shifting to an Iceland defence policy, for instance, based on a 200-mile limit). Current British defence philosophy of playing British poodle to a special relationship with the US that is well past its sell-buy date and in urgent need of reassessment is untenable in the long term. What have the US corporate state ever done for us?

Each of the three would entail declaring it a disaster area that requires extensive public monetary support to mitigate the negative effects on victims (alternative jobs in the square mile, house price support in the south-east in the case of 3a etc.) during the decade of transition.

(4) Teach the History of Peacefare (George Lansbury, Geneva Convention, Disarmament Talks, Peace Pledge Union, peace & reconciliation commissions, war crime tribunals etc.) in schools and in 1920s style R.H. Tawney adult education programmes.

(5) Learn and refine the art of delaying, as delay can mean death to a war project if skillfully deployed. Warmongers are heavily dependent upon rapid deployment…before the opposition can organize resistance and turn its flanks.

(6) Learn and teach the art of whistleblowing (punishment-free). Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden should not need to be martyrs. They ought to be given protection like escaping slaves in 19th century America and anonymous sources in 20th century journalism. These people are public servants representing the legitimate interests of real persona and not ‘traitors to judicial persons’ as they are portrayed by the media-political-academic complex with their discredited ideas of patriotism based on arbitrary and out-moded concepts of States and Consent.

(7) In the 1930s Peacemongers had their own national newspaper in England, The Daily Herald. Now we have only Warmonger Newspapers and Warmonger Broadcasting over the airwaves. Is it enough in the 21st century for Peacemomgers to rely only on the (internet-based) advertising- free and mogul-free media on the Internet…NationofChange, Russia Now, Asian Times etc…or are new ways needed to:

(a) reach ordinary people with the true facts and alternative opinions and to

(b) enlighten ordinary people on the false facts purveyed in the Warmonger Media; the disinformation inherent in much Warmonger opinion; and on the rhetorical devices used to trick them into supporting positions and jingoistic activities…false dichotomies, role as a world policeman etc…

Our belief, as Jeffersonian Democrats and as Peacemongers, should be that ‘open transparent deliberation at a measured pace’ is one of the best plough-shares in our Peace-barn.


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