The New SS: Filthy Britain’s lunatics have taken over the asylum


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Just when we thought Britain’s filthy social workers could stoop no lower in their sickening quest to steal children from loving parents, we find a horrifying article from Christopher Booker.

Booker, who writes for the Telegraph , is one of the only journalists caring enough and brave enough to report on the out-of-control SS who are wreaking havoc on innocent families.

His investigations found that parents are being sectioned under the Mental Health Act when they try and fight for the return of their children (who have been illegally snatched by sociopathic social services.)

According to Booker:

” Last week, I investigated a story as shocking in its own way as that which I   broke last month about the Italian woman detained in a psychiatric hospital   who, on the orders of a secret court, was then forced to undergo a caesarean  section so that her baby could be sent by social workers…

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3 responses to “The New SS: Filthy Britain’s lunatics have taken over the asylum

  1. wakemanclare

    ss can only cover up for so long and then bang they come down with a bang

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