Filthy Britain’s Despicable Spies

Long live the internet! Invented by US military – for world wide peace, I hope!


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In their desperation to keep a lid on Britain’s filthy secrets, the Intelligence Services have cobbled together a ridiculous ploy to try and discredit alternative media sources, known as ‘Mastering the Internet’.

Of course, if they think their attempts are in any-way going to stem the tidal wave of information that is finding its way into the open, they really are more deluded than we thought.

You see the Great British Public is waking up to their sordid tricks.

They realise that Mi5 themselves are up to their necks in filth of the highest order and have had a major part to play in the paedophilic blackmail network that has been operating in this country for decades.

They know all about their traitorous involvement in the deaths of Princess Diana, Gareth Williams, David Kelly, Jill Dando and many, many others who stumbled across their dirty secrets.

They know they were complicit in…

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