THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Goading, trolling, erasing, monitoring, and other animals designed to murder the Truth forever

Most remarkable analysis, once again – in the spirit of 1984!

The Slog.

I’ve noticed a significant change among the Forces of Darkness over the last 4-5 weeks, and I can’t believe it’s just me spotting it. I’ve dubbed it ‘goading’.

It’s more subtle than most trolling, and much harder to spot than ‘spam-praise’. But it does appear in the comment threads. The email addresses look genuine, and the entries are quite well written. The format, however, rarely changes.

There is an opening bit arguing that the point one is making may well be true. This is followed by a degree of impassioned rage at what “they” are up to. Finally, the pay-off line is ‘here’s a link to more evidence’. This turns out to be a site (to date, its always a different one) in which one article is linked…..making a strong allegation against somebody or about something. The comment ends with something like ‘would love to see your take on this’.

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