The mysterious case of VIP child-abuse and the missing religion

This is a major chapter in the continuous ‘shock therapy’ I am going through, as I’m trying to expose and help victims of white collar crimes… See


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We’ve all heard about the disgusting Muslim child-grooming rings in Rochdale and Oxford.

Filthy Pakistani men groomed vulnerable white girls to be abused because they saw them as easy targets.

The exposure of these rings in the media was rightly seen as a victory against these sick perverts.

Vile paedophile priests in the Catholic church have also been raping children for decades and only now is the true extent of the abuse being revealed.

Children’s lives have been totally ruined because of the actions of these despicable creatures who appear to use their religious beliefs as a cover for their crimes but they’ll all get what’s due to them, whether in this life or the next.

What’s quite strange though is the fact that whilst Muslims and Christians are vilified in the media and courts for their paedophile crimes, we never hear much about the one remaining monotheistic faith, Judaism.

Whilst it’s…

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