DAVID ICKE: Was he right? A documentary with over a million views so far

This video is a good overview over

  • the reality of a 1984-style police state
  • the ‘movie’ created by mainstream media that makes us believe ‘them’, their ‘doublethink’ and ‘newspeak’ rather than think for ourselves [I just finished reading 1984 which was written in 1949!…]
  • the underlying agenda of a Global State with a Global Government, a Global Central Bank and Army
  • journalists as the ‘repeaters’ of what has been coined ‘policy’ and ‘reality’.

When will we stop killing our kids? is the question asked by the late Brian Haw who was asking for peace opposite Parliament for 10 years.

When will the Treasury enforce the Bank of England Act 1694? is my question to stop what is dishonest with our money system – as the poisoned blood that is being made to flow through humanity…


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