Jill Dando and the VIP paedophile ring


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In July 2013, we posted the following information about the death of BBC presenter, Jill Dando:


A little over a year later, the Daily Star has confirmed that Jill was indeed investigating the VIP paedophile ring linked to the BBC, government and royalty.

According to their report:

” MURDERED TV presenter Jill Dando tried to expose a paedophile ring involving “big-name” BBC stars, a former colleague has claimed.

Jill Dando told bosses about claims of sexual abuse [BBC]

According to the retired BBC worker, the Crimewatch host was told that DJs, stars and corporation staff were involved in organised abuse.But when she tried to get bosses to investigate the alleged ring and other abuse complaints inside the BBC “no one wanted to know”, the former friend said.Undeterred, Jill is said to have then raised the claims with senior management in the mid-1990s but no investigation took place.

The TV…

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2 responses to “Jill Dando and the VIP paedophile ring

  1. gail

    Dando was friends with the forever “young one” British singer, who now lives in Barbados, after renouncing his UK citizenship, and has a home in Portugal, not a stones throw from where Madeline Mccan went missing, and who happened to be listed as a visitor to the Elm Guest house. Also her ex fiance, Alan Farthing, is still good friends with the above mentioned singer who likes “summer holidays”, and now Farthing is also the Queen’s Surgeon-Gynaecologist, and oversaw the pregnancy of Kate Middleton. Is all this something or nothing?????

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