Prince Philip’s dirty little secrets

The open net is more powerful than the controlled mainstream media!


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What do we really know about beloved consort, Prince Philip?

At first glance he appears to be no more than a racist, ignorant, benefit- scrounging Greek immigrant.

Look a little deeper though and an altogether more disturbing picture emerges of a sordid character up to his neck in filth of the highest order.

It’s long been rumoured that Philip was having affairs with other women as soon as his honeymoon to Queenie was over.

According to the Mirror:

AN ex-royal footman told yesterday how Prince Philip shared secret  rendezvous with a mystery woman for nine months after he married the Queen.

Servant Norman Barson was the only witness to the three-hour meetings which have remained a secret for almost 50 years.

Now, in the wake of a sensational new book about the royal marriage, Mr Barson has described in detail what went on at stately Windlesham Moor near Ascot…

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