MIND THE GAPS between the True Story of Maddie McCann and the Mainstream Media versions

14 08 16 The MediaRichard D Hall of www.richplanet.tv produced a series of videos about the ‘complete mystery’ and blames the mainstream media among other culprits. He confirms The Truth of the Lie by Goncalo Amaral, who claims that Madeleine had died in the appartment. By analysing contradictions and changes of the McCann story and confirming the results of the sniffer dogs, he prepares the viewer for a whole set of information that is seriously diverging from all mainstream media versions, illustrating a plot ‘behind the scenes’ to feed stories to the mainstream media.

Here are the links for the four videos with the conclusion that if the truth were to come out in a trial, the State would have to fall:14 08 17 Ken Livingstone





And here’s the link to a petition on the PM’s site asking for an inquiry into the inconsistencies surrounding Madeleine McCann.



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