The mysterious Rotherham child-abuse scandal


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The shocking scale of child-abuse against vulnerable white girls in Rotherham has been exposed.

The abuse was carried out by vile Asian gangs who preyed on the youngsters whilst they were in care.

Girls were subjected to extreme violence when they tried to speak out about their suffering.

South Yorkshire Police, along with the council and local politicians, have been accused of a massive cover-up lasting over 16 years.

By a strange coincidence, just days before the controversial report was released, South Yorks Police took part in a ‘botched’ raid on Cliff Richard’s home, which drew widespread criticism from the media.

Was the raid planned to coincide with the report in order to show the police in a negative light and cast doubt on their ‘evidence’ about Cliff?

South Yorkshire Police were also involved in the disgusting lies and accusations surrounding innocent fans who died in the Hillsborough football stadium tragedy.

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