Alan Farthing and Britain’s dirty secrets


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It was comforting to find that beloved Royal gynaecologist, Alan Farthing, will once again be in charge of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy.

Alan, who spends an unhealthy amount of time fiddling around in the Queen’s nether regions, can always be relied upon by the British Establishment to take part in one of their delightful scams.

In 2012, with his turkey baster at the ready, Doc Farthing worked a bit of gynae -magic and hey presto Prince George was on the way.

Kate and Wills apparently had George via surrogacy and it was all going swimmingly until poor old nurse, Jacinda Saldanha, found out about the ruse.

She was soon silenced with a convenient ‘suicide’ death and the ‘pregnancy’ continued unabated.

Of course, because Doc Farthing is now so deeply entrenched in the conspiracy, he’s had no choice but to be party to the delivery of royal baby number two.

Alan has had a meteoric rise through the medical…

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