Cry baby Cameron


Cry baby Davie

Blubbering wreck David Cameron broke down in tears today as he pretended he actually gives a damn about Britain.

According to the Mail:

” David Cameron today pleaded with Scottish voters not to use the independence referendum to give the ‘effing Tories’ a kicking.

In an extraordinary intervention, the Prime Minister appeared close to tears during a speech in Edinburgh in which he acknowledged the unpopularity of the Conservatives in Scotland but warned the result of next week’s vote will stand for 100 years.

He cancelled his appearance at PMQs to travel to Scotland, leading Alex Salmond to claim Team Westminster is ‘panicking’, adding: ‘The movement in Scotland is decisively towards Yes.’ “

Of course, Dave’s tears had nothing to do with Scotland at all.

He couldn’t give a shit one way or the other what happens with the vote.

He was crying because he knows the game is up.

And so…

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