It’s time to stand up for blogger and investigator #ChrisSpivey


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Brilliant journalist, Chris Spivey, has been exposing the filthy British establishment for years.

His hard-hitting articles have played a pivotal role in a growing awareness that we are being ruled by treasonous, psychopathic, Satanic, child-rapists, who have managed to avoid detection by operating under the guise of ‘government’.

Of course, by investigating and publishing evidence of this country’s sicko leaders, Chris has put himself on the line with his writing and as such has now been subjected to violent and illegal harassment by Essex police ( in cahoots with corrupted social services).

This harassment recently culminated in a most disturbing and disgusting police raid in which his home was damaged and he was arrested in front of his family and neighbours.

When Chris was finally questioned, the agenda of the sick f***ks in charge of this country became clear.

In true sociopathic style they tried to project their sordid predilections for children onto Chris and accused him of having child-porn…

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