James Bond and the paedophiles



MI5 hellholeMossadPaedo Bond

Mossad bumboys , Mi5, are in total meltdown.

They’re absolutely petrified that the horror of Britain’s VIP paedophile network is about to be exposed after all these years.

And despite trying to maintain an illusion of authority and power, the truth is they’re running around like headless chickens behind the scenes.

Paedo Ring Number 10Maggie cover up

You see, they know only too well that a tsunami of filth is about to enter the public arena that will shake the British Establishment to its foundations.

That’s why they’re in a desperate race against time to silence police officers, smear abuse victims, bribe journalists and discredit the Alternative Media.

Many insiders have been threatened with the usual crap that any exposure could ‘damage’ National Security.

BuckinghamPalaceSavile and QueenPaedophilia at the palace

Their usual modus operandi though is failing and they literally haven’t got a clue what to do next.

They’re yet again trying to create a false terror-bogeyman for us to focus on whilst they’re…

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