IS THE ESTABLISHMENT RIDDLED with Paedophiles? Russell Brand The Trews (E244)

National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse

Nine minutes of video clips by Russell Brand getting the message across very clearly:

  • administration and bureaucracy are being used to cover up paedophilia
  • paedophilia includes killing children
  • what this all points to: there is a class of people who are above the law.

Here’s the official website. And here’s the People’s Tribunal.

And here are a few blog posts relating to the case of organised sexual abuse in North London we’re seeing being covered up by:

  • Barnet Police who took two children into ’emergency police protection’ on 11 September 2014
  • Metropolitan Police – who contacted Barnet and Haringey Council after we submitted a Judicial Review
  • Barnet Council – Senior Solicitor Suzanne Hargreaves and Barrister Markham
  • Barnet Court – Judge Vera Mayer
  • High Court – Mrs Justice Anne Pauffley:

Children in Care to Protect Police Cover-Up of organised Child Sexual Abuse

Why Ian Josephs advises mothers NOT to report…

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