#SatanicCult? Dismissed. You must be joking! #DamePauffley knows!?

In the Best Interest of the 'Whistleblower Kids'?

Here is Ella, the children’s mother, speaking to partner Abraham who got them to talk and admit that it was their father who taught them to touch each other sexually. Their audio file on a video is on:

With a key point made by Ella:

  • after the children retracted their allegations, why keep them in care?

But there is no logic! There is only one agenda:

  • to protect the father and all his associates.

The petition relating to the above video is here. It asks alleged abusers with distinguishing marks to come forward and demonstrate their innocence.

Thanks to commentator Sancho Panzer, the judgement is published here.

The Daily Mail reports – with clearly a well prepared report rather than investigated:

The Telegraph also:

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One response to “#SatanicCult? Dismissed. You must be joking! #DamePauffley knows!?

  1. P and Q need/ed their own legal representation (much as I hate lawyers, et al). We need to find them the best help in existence. Just not sure who, or how. Those taped police ‘conversations’ / interrogations are worthy only of dismissal of evidence, as no legal counsel was present to advise the children of their rights; even to stop them from making statements altogether — instead they are handled as culprits. This should be mandatory, that all interactions between children and the law be mediated and protected by appropriate third-party legal representation, possibly representation that answers to a board of concerned citizens…just watched the interrogations for the first time, after several failed attempts. Disgusting abuse of power. Baiting beyond belief.

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