#Disruption of #Corruption; #Exposing #Deception; Taking #Heart from #Virtual and #Online #Realities

The POSITIVE ‘synarchy’ between humanity and technology is hopefully stronger than the negative side of that coin…

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

Moore's Law, The Fifth Paradigm. Moore’s Law, The Fifth Paradigm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This story made my Sunday so far: Global Disruption of Corruption

Contrary to recent media reports, Moore’s Law is thriving with
mobile smartphone computers that promise unprecedented
potential for linking the light of truth, disrupting deception
that is corrupting emerging global social conscience.
Here’s how.

by Christopher Rudy / Heartcom Network

Faster, smaller and cheaper is the nature of Moore’s Law, the doubling of transistors on computer chips every year or two for 50 years. New smart-phones now utilize 2 billion transistors.

NPR Story, April 21, 2015:
At 50 Years Old, the Challenge to Keep Up with Moore’s Law
Listen to this ‘All Things Considered’ StoryHERE.

Next, I take my encouragement from wherever I can: this infinite source of online supporters who help – each in their own way – by Skype, email, commenting, blogging, reblogging, copying, pasting, producing…

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