SATANIC ABUSE SURVIVOR from Washington DC confirms ‘Satanic Cults do exist’ #WhistleblowerKids

DEBRA JONES talks about her mother as ‘tormentor’. She was working in the US Government and Debra describes how she managed to survived torture and ‘state control’ of the highest level, including ‘Satanic Hollywood’:

  • Bob Hope ran a child slavery
  • Michael Jackson was raped every night before he performed.

She publishes Pro Trust Academy and says a lot about the deeper politics of ‘world governance’ and ‘humanity control’.



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2 responses to “SATANIC ABUSE SURVIVOR from Washington DC confirms ‘Satanic Cults do exist’ #WhistleblowerKids

  1. Reblogged this on 'Whistleblower Kids' in the Court of Public Interest and commented:

    It’s all connected: national governments and international institutions – pinpointing to 13 blood families, as search engines reveal about the Illuminati, the New World Order and ‘conspiracy REALISM’!

  2. As T.S.Eliot wrote when suffering a mental breakdown : “Go, said the bird, for the leaves were full of children, /Hidden excitedly, containing laughter./ Go, go, go, said the bird: human kind / Cannot bear very much reality.” Hold onto your sanity my dear, Sabine, I have tried to tell you that this is the Old World Order, in the grip of those black magicians who we know as psychopaths; whose satanic selfishness and materialistic greed is bringing the past and present order to it’s inevitable end, in a global economic meltdown when humanity will wake up, and realise that it has nothing to fear, but fear! And then, contrary to what some New Age conspiracy theorists think about the so-far unproven existence of the World Teacher, Lord Maitreya, all eyes will see Him, and realise that God has not abandoned us, or left us alone to fearlessly create a new world, waiting to be born! These powerful families, you speak of, are not the real ILLUMINATI, those immortal beings Who have been humbly seeking to guide us through the maelstrom of change in system that has been built by the living dead, through their disciples like Benjamin Creme, to draw attention to the new revelation concerning Their existence. It is their solemn and divine duty is to offer us the necessary advice and guidance, so that we, ourselves, can avoid disaster while re-shaping the present and the future, with their divine help. When the economic meltdown has finally taken place, then there should be no doubt that those who worship Satan are even more afraid of Lord Maitreya, than those fundamentalist Christians who believe (wrongly) that He is the anti-Christ. God bless you, dear Sabine. Take care of your sanity, and keep yourself safe from the revengeful demons and psychopaths running the present show! I can only try to point out the fact, that the New World Order will come about under a quite different form of economics, not based on usury. And one that will merely be a stepping stone to a future free of the incubus of money, now based on the exploitation of another’s human being and their basic needs, which will show those Americans (whose conspiracy theories are quite confused and mixed up with fact and fiction!) a thing or too about the reality of which I speak. The Christ is here, now, to help us create a New World Order, when the world’s resources will be shared between all nations of men, in a new democratic forum of the United Nations which is no longer dominated by the so-called Security Council and their dreams of conquest through the fear of nuclear war, which its members are clinging to, right now! The British election was entirely rigged, in what is a “failed State”, and thus the end of our totalitarian economic system has been brought a step closer! God bless you, Sabine. Don’t get paranoid, but watch your back. Take care! Do not come back to the UK where the Queen’s assassins have an open field day, at the moment, while doing what you can to save Elisa and Gabriel. The Russian government may be of some help, but who knows?!

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