The SYNAGOGUE of SATAN under the Looking Glass: #WARS and #VIP #ChildAbuse by the Missing Religion

This amazing compilation is copied from a comment on this blog post. The only link I’d like to add is VIP child-abuse and the missing religion – from the most insightful blog The Coleman Experience.

has been running the world behind the scenes for centuries.

The diabolical machinations of the Satanic Zionists is hard to understand as unbelievable as it may seem, you will come to realize that they are, and always have been on a mission to destroy humanity and ultimately possess the entire planet. Their Babylonian Talmudic tradition teaches the nefarious plot to overthrow and conquer the whole world. They see themselves as the chosen master race and the evils they have perpetrated upon humanity are so incredible it is hard to fathom. The level of deception is also unbelievable but they have made it a primary objective to acquire the necessary tools to carry out the deception and cover up what they are doing. They have often used the process of inversion in which they accuse or label others as something when it is the very thing they themselves are doing. This one tactic alone has worked extraordinarily well for the Zionists and is a key element in deceiving and silencing the masses. The ordinary Jew must realise that the Jewish elite depend on the Jewish commoners’ ignorance to help hide the activities of the evil Zionist-Jewish establishment.

Crypto-Judaism, i.e. the conduct of Khazarian jews, who conceal their identity as such, by their covering themselves with the mask of other religions or nationalities, is equally as old as Jewry  itself. This infiltration of Khazarian Zionist jews into the innermost heart of other religions or nationalities, whereby they still preserve their former Satanic beliefs and their organisations in secret, has really formed ‘Zionist Fifth Columns‘ in the bosom of the other peoples and the different religions;  for if the Satanist has gained entrance into the citadel of other peoples, he is active there, follows orders and carries on an activity which was planned in their secret organisations. This aims at controlling the people from within, whose conquest was resolved upon, as well as the control of religous institutions, and to attempt to attain the decomposition of the same. One of the major causes, financiers, inciters of conflicts and wars since the 1800’s (including WWI, the Bolshevik Revolution and WWII) are the Zionist plutocrats who own and/or control the national and international banks like the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Federal Reserve Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, the United Nations (UN) and corrupt and control American, British and other European politicians via AIPAC, B’nai Brith and the ‘Atlantikbrücke’.

The war mongrels in the City of London & Washington DC – Lunatics – Psychopaths – Satanists – Zionists are pushing for WWIII in Europe.They want to repeat again what they have forced upon Germany twice (WWI, WWII)
NOW they blame Putin/Russia for what they are doing themselves. Europe is not threatened by Putin’s Russia. Not Russia is the enemy for world peace.

The US & EU military forces are being used as tools by the Forces of EVIL (the Synagogue of Satan) to bring about TOTAL DESTRUCTION

to the German people that German soldiers ARE BEING FORCED by false ‘friends’ (allied occupying military forces for 70 years) to build a “spearhead“ against Russia!!! That’s a NO GO!!! War against Russia means WAR AGAINST GERMANY!!! Everybody knows that. Russia it not our enemy. Neither Germany’s enemy nor Europe’s. Russia is not the threat. Russia is being threatened and provoked by PURE EVIL. The whole of Europe – foremost Germany is being put under the threat of annihilation through nuclear war – More US troops and nuclear warheads are being stationed in Germany not in defence but to provoke Russia into war. US military – GO HOME!!! We don’t want war – neither in Europe nor elsewhere. STOP the military occupation of Germany. US military aggression worldwide MUST STOP.

Europe needs PEACE with Russia.
AMI GO HOME!!! and we’ll have peace

Evil liar – speaker of the world Zionist criminals who have been plotting in “think tanks“, secret societies and secretive meetings since 1954 (1st secretive Bilderberger Conference) ‘They’ created the “European Union“ and the “Euro“ and forced their dictatorship (financial terrorism) upon the European nations. The euro was bound to fail from the start. ‘They’ deliberately want to destabilize Europe and throw us all into war again. Germany has been under Zionist occupation and rule for 70 years is being made responsible for the Zionists’ evil deeds – how preposterous!!! ‘They’ always need a scapegoat – Their prefered one: Germany and the German people.
However, not Russia, not Europe, not Germany is the problem.

The problem is…. the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.



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