Information on this cult:


Information on this cult:


We live in Benevent and came across this news while researching the area.
Do you have any newspaper reports from Ireland or any of the other countries?  Seems to be 4 jounalists reporting this at the moment.
This is a disgusting situation and something needs to be done.

We have some plans on this subject.

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children of god flirty fishing, yuli grebchenko, md paedophile, godson cult

imagesimagesimagesimagesimagesimagesimagesimagesimagesimagessundaypost090111.JPG.w300h411Sun180211pages4and5dailystarsunday270211images2e862-images28229brixton-prisoncccfa-occult-child_abuse6eae8-images23bbb-img2219644a-images28129a8d64-pedohile-8-yers29c84-img2207ec12-10oct1319d4b8-002HOWEVER, looking back (so easy to read things in retrospectively), what the Godsons told me of their story (moving constantly from country to country) fitted in with the internet stories, and I have to say Chris Godson was not a man I’d wish to meet on a dark night alone.   Scuffy…………….on pilgim website.

it is now time to update and simplify our guidelines for coming into contact with…

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