News from DEATH CULT CENTRAL: #HampsteadScandal #WhistleblowerKids and #SatanicPanic

15 07 21 HRDear Everybody

Normally I would not send a post out like this to the mailing list. I apologise if this is an inconvenience but this morning I was going to close the blog down. I’ve decided not to and wrote this post instead:

It is five to midnight for humanity. We have the names and addresses of what two children allege is Death Cult central, a widespread paedophilic and cannibalistic cult operating out of central/North London. I know this is hard for some people to believe but we are investigating them and blogging some of our findings. One of the ways this cult is running things is via the Church of England, particularly the schools. Not all of its clergymen and women and teachers are murderous paedophiles, of course, but quite a few may well be.

We hear about the Catholics. We hear about the Satanists. We hear about the Jews. And no doubt these practises are found in all the religions. But when do we ever really hear much about the Church of England? Clever, isn’t it? It does make sense, though – Queen Lizzie is at the helm and she and hers need young blood.

We are not just conducting our investigations for two children who are trapped in that abusive cult against their wishes (and the others – and the adults who do not wish to be in it), we are doing it because these names and addresses represent a branch of the evil people who are perpetuating the war and suffering that is poisoning our planet. We know that there are other very important issues to address in the world and that lots of people are doing better work than we are – but this is Hampstead Research. Hampstead Research makes no claims. It does not organise anything. It does not charge any money. It offers people a blog if they are interested – but if they are not they can and do go elsewhere.

So why is it that we have generated so much trolling? Why is it that we are the most (if not the most) trolled place on the internet? Why, if we were not really winding up these people, would we see fake blogs, fake Twitter and YouTube accounts? (And no, Jacqui is not making them up herself to get publicity.) We even have fake commenters on the site, people who pretend to be supporters then cause havoc in the comments. People who make nasty YouTube videos about Belinda rather than looking at the cult members the children have named? This is to cause fragmentation and division. And of course, people buy into it.

Within Jacqui’s belief system there is a phenomenon called projection. This means that, as Jacqui sees it, people who criticise or accuse others are in fact criticising or accusing something unresolved within themselves. I am not talking about criticising the murderous cult members here. Or the trolls– these people are either cult members or paid to spew filth. I am talking about the people who tear others apart. For example, Abraham has, however understandably, been very vocal about “bitching and snitching and witching” and so on – while at the same time doing lots of it himself. And someone claiming to be a “conscious living being” is not behaving like one at all. Then there is another person accusing people of being “Tavistock”…..and causing a nice lot of division himself.

Lots of this division happens because as individuals within western society we are all brutalised from day one. Even if we are lucky enough to have nice parents we are put through sets of traumatic experiences that are designed to fragment our personalities. Vaccinated the moment we emerge from the womb, packed away to school when we need to be at home with our mums and dads. Taught we are inferior. Punished. Bullied. We are all abused in various ways until we come out the other side of the challenge that is adolescence to face a boring job that does not pay enough, grinding unemployment or a massive student loan that will cripple us for life. We then proceed to abuse ourselves and others in various ways. To generalise, of course – but welcome to the prison planet!

So of course we are confused when we see bitching in the forums and nasty videos! We don’t know who to trust because we have been let down (and let ourselves down) all our lives. We have problems working with members of the other genders because both men and women have been systematically degraded and undermined. We feel overwhelmed by emotion, particularly those abuse victims and survivors. We place the focus of our shames, paranoias, hatreds, suspicions outside ourselves and get swept away in the drama…..which is exactly what the trolls understand will happen.

The solution is to focus on love and compassion for those two children and Ella and Abraham, who must be going through hell at the moment. (Bless you, E and A from HR.) Then send a dose of it to ourselves. Take a deep breath. Remind ourselves that it does not matter what anyone else says – it is what we believe that is important. You see, it is five to midnight and evil wants to divide. If you don’t want to hang around on Hampstead Research then head over to Facebook, where there is much less trolling. Breathe. Be balanced. Love others and yourself. Meditate. Pray for those children, all of them, and Ella and Abraham. Tear yourself from the arguments and division and go and do a random act of kindness.

That’s my belief system.




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3 responses to “News from DEATH CULT CENTRAL: #HampsteadScandal #WhistleblowerKids and #SatanicPanic

  1. Nike

    “We hear about the Catholics. We hear about the Satanists. We hear about the Jews. And no doubt these practises are found in all the religions.” (Jaqui Farmer – repeatedly in defense of “good satanism”. Nothing of that kind exists. Satanism is satanism. Satanists call Evil good)

    Sorry to say but that’s a false statement.

    True – There IS infiltration, Satanists hide among Christians and use them as fronts, but that’s NOT THE SAME as “no doubt these practises are found in all the religions”

    Satanic practices stem from the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah.
    Such horricic rabbinical teachings have NOTHING to do with the Christian belief in Jesus Christ and his spiritual teachings. Jesus warned about the “Synagogue of Satan”, their pharisees and scribes.
    As far as I know (and I was raised in that faith) the catholic faith is not Satanic. What a horrific allegation to make.

    Babylonian Talmudic law allows paedophelia, incest, sodomy, bestiality and criminal behaviour (towards non-Jews) as a way of life – and sanctions ritualistic human blood sacrifice, murder and cannibalism too?
    The new “western values“ we (the “goyim“ (cattle), all non-Jews, Christians and non-Christians) should be prepared to tolerate and even defend….

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