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THE THIRD WORLD WAR has already started. This is not a war of Nation vs. Nation. The Third World War is where the Royal Super-wealthy Elite wage war upon the Poor… This war is a continuation of the previous two world wars of the Twentieth Century – in nearly every case, it is the Poor who die, and the Royal Elite Families who profit from the Death, Destruction and Chaos… Read THE CROWNED CONSPIRACY by British author CHRIS EVERARD – it is the sequel to his bestselling eBooks ‘PYRAMID POWER’ and ‘INSIDE THE BRITISH ILLUMINATI’…

More than 100 million people have been slaughtered by the Royal Super-rich elite and their aristocratic henchmen since 1914. The main architect of the Third Reich was British: his name was Prince Charles Coburg. And the British army’s most celebrated and highest ranking military strategist was a…

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