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Ann Widdecombe
Tory grandee Ann Widdecombe has slammed conspiracy theorists in her weekly Daily Express column.
With the title- ‘Take it from me, conspiracy theorists will never change their mind,’ the overweight spinster ridicules those of us who believe that Dr David Kelly was murdered by secret forces, that Lady Diana was killed on the orders of the Royal Family and that Neil Armstrong ever walked on the moon.
Specifically targeting Grand-dad Chris Spivey, who having been convicted of harassing the family of Lee Rigby, Widdecombe writes:
Christopher Spivey is a conspiracy theorist who has made the lives of Lee Rigby’s family hell. He believes, without any foundation, that the murder was a plot to whip up anti-Islamic feeling. He even claimed that the soldier never existed and his harassment of the relatives landed him in court.
The exasperated judge rightly said that nothing would ever convince Spivey that he was…

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  1. AW is giving the alternative thinkers a compliment, in my humble opinion, she is saying that there are people who against all the odds refuse to bow down to the rulers of this world order (or the next)! These people will not admit or submit to the powerful’s lies and deception even to the death…these people are true martyrs and the spirits that inhabit AW and her type cannot stand this…hence the pathetic attempt to belittle these brave humans, the world calls bullies and posers brave, the likes of cameron and obama are conmen in chief…

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