@CorruptPolice1 protecting #Paedophiles? @CommonsHomeAff Inquiry into @LeonBrittan_MP

Victims Unite!


The investigation into the late Lord Brittan by the Home Affairs Committee:

First witness: DCI Paul Settle – responsible for Operation Fairbank

  • 400 allegations and 3 convictions…

Since April this year:

Tom Watson MP:

  • high volume of information from alleged survivors, witnesses and victims
  • 299 separate contacts
  • a previous inquiry had been closed down prematurely
  • Police asked to follow up 52 of the 299 allegations
  • I have always only tried to amplify the voice of the victims
  • the publicity over the weekend has led to more cases coming to my office
  • in the public policy space we need to create public confidence and that victims are taken seriously.

Judge for yourself and come to your own conclusions… It’s all about ‘personal is political’, methinks…

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