PARIS ATTACKS: Analysis of the effects on opinion, and why they are a catalyst rushing us towards barbarity

The Slog.

tryptichparis151115In Part I of a special double-header today, The Slog analyses reactions to the Paris attacks, and the major influences in recent history that have shaped them. Part II will appear later today

Whatever the ‘élites’ might be doing Behind Your Back, they can always rely on the many publics in the West to display mass maudlin grief about any and every catastrophe or atrocity: it is a faux ‘human solidarity’ that must give them a warm feeling in the trousers as they orchestrate it – as they occasionally do.

I’ve no idea what the ‘Je suis’ is going to be this time, but the candlelit vigils are already visible from outer space. So too (with remarkable efficiency) embassies everywhere managed to put on tricouleur displays of striking consistency. US football teams came out bearing French flags….minus only the sub-head ‘Cheese-eating Surrender-Monkeys no more’. The Marseillaise will be played…

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