Will #WarMongers Repent to Avoid #WWIII in #Israel? Kindness and Sincerity of Heart matter! #Pray like you’ve never prayed before!

The above video is a 50-minute commentary by Steven Ben-Nun on www.IsraeliNewsLive.org. His passion for the 2-hour interview by a Rabbi of 15-year-old Natan who had a Near-Death-Experience ends with: pray like you’ve never prayed before…

Natan’s story lines up with Ezechiel and Revelation in the Bible, while Natan has not had any religious training.

So the question is: will there be enough people to repent and NOT start this war?

According to Cosmic Convergence,

  • prophecy is uttered to AVERT catastrophe, not predict it.

According to Natan,

  • Obama is ‘gog’ and will want to start the war;
  • 70 nations will rise against Israel;
  • the US, Israel and other military countries could all choose Peace and Kindness, if only they realised when they did what wrong, when they hurt other people and whether they are willing to repent and change;
  • it’s clearly not just about being Jewish in or out of Israel, what matters is the sincerity of heart!

BeforeItsNews reports in a list of 19 bullet points:

The original interview with English subtitles is on

Breaking Israeli News reports

Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and beyond comments

Bear049 tells the tale in 27 minutes, commenting on the significance to the eminent Rabbis who were rather shocked:


ZionCrimeFactory.com exposes differences between Jews, Israel and Zionists.



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3 responses to “Will #WarMongers Repent to Avoid #WWIII in #Israel? Kindness and Sincerity of Heart matter! #Pray like you’ve never prayed before!

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  2. wendy7906

    Would you be shocked if one of people who instructs the US government on which country to target was in fact Jewish? Faith is nothing without trust and one can not trust, in fear.

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