The Times – Leader of Islamic Party cleared of raping teenager 2015 Dec 17

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There is something not right about this case  – it appears to stink, Judge Martin Griffith, and procedures appear suspect.

Abdulaziz’s father and uncle were founder members of the Islamic Movement in Kurdistan (IMK) [3]

Were the secret services involved? Has the IMK been used with MI5/MI6 as part of Operation Gladio B [4] where Islam is used as front to carry out false flags and achieve what the UK  desires or at least what its unaccountable and undemocratic underbelly and its real controllers want ??

Is this why this man has appeared to escape justness?  What is the truth? We are certainly not being given the truth or justness by the justice system of the Crown.

Ehsan-AbdulazizPhotograph of Ehsan Abdulaziz from the Mirror [2]

The Times 2015 Dec 17 Leader of Islamic party cleared of raping teenager [1]

The wealthy leader of an Islamic political party has been cleared…

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