A warning to Britain’s VIP paedophiles



This is a word of warning for the malevolent filth out there trying to keep a lid on the exposure of Britain’s VIP paedophile rings.

As you meet in darkened rooms, in your secret societies, in your synagogues, in your parliament, in your ‘gentlemen’s clubs, in your freemasonic halls and in your palaces, planning your next nefarious move, know this.

Your secrets wont be secret for very much longer- you have our word on that.

You can try every trick in your satanic book but it will make no difference at all.

Very shortly, a tidal wave of evidence will be unleashed that will expose to the whole world the depravity and sickness of your crimes.

Did you not know that in ancient Roman times, many  Emperors were bought down because shocking information was leaked to the public by apparently trustworthy insiders?

Through these insiders, the Latin phrase ” Parietes habent aures” , which literally translates…

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2 responses to “A warning to Britain’s VIP paedophiles

  1. Araya Sunshine

    Please stop blaming Satan for everything.

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