Evidence and Forensics of Ritual Abuse in Australia

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Trigger Warning

The following article is written by Rennee Emmanuel and posted on her blog in 2014. I have only given a sample of the post and accompanying Reports, but the full texts are available on her blog Evidence and Forensics of Ritual Abuse in Australia[1],  where also is to be found 2014 Renees Alternative Forensic Report download  [2] and 2014 Aug Alternative Forensics Daniel Farthing download  [3].

The New South Wales Police appear to be ignoring extreme physical abuse, sexual abuse and ritual abuse on Renee and her siblings, including 2 who were murdered by their ritual abuser mother, and appear to be targetting Renee, her siblings and her carer instead [4].

ALL of the Authorities have refused to act in any humane way of the Ritual Abuse done to children in this country. Instead they have continued the cover up of these atrocious…

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