Britain’s Dirty Secrets


satanic queenie

If you thought for one minute that Britain is really as it appears to be, you’re very sadly mistaken.

Beneath the pomp and pageantry lies a network of paedophilic depravity, so vile and despicable, it literally beggars belief.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Jimmy Savile was an isolated case either.

He wasn’t.

From the Elm Guest House scandal to North Wales care home abuse via Dolphin Square; to sickening Warwick Spinks and the Amsterdam connection; from Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne to Kincora in Northern Ireland.

From the vile BBC to complicit police, social workers and government authorities; from MP’s through to the Royal Family themselves; the whole filthy lot of them are in on it.

paedo-ring-number-101Kincora scandalJersey Satanic HorrorsDolphin Square Sunday PeopleWarwick SpinksBBC Paedo Ring

Unbelievably, this shit goes even deeper than you could ever imagine.

In April 2015, we wrote the following post:

” We all know the British Establishment is run by debauched, child-raping filth who love nothing better than to inflict torture…

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