Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame


Cameron and Christopher Shaletop-tory-filth1

Shrivelled schmuck David Cameron has got some fucking chutzpah.

Despite being known as a necrophiliac, liar, thief, traitor and all round shady bastard, Dave has just gone and accused Russian president Putin of probably being responsible for the death of Alexander Litvinenko.


Of course, as pointed out by the Daily Mail, Britain had more reason to kill him than Putin did.

Theresa Maythatcher and savile

So we can only assume that Cameron and his sicko sidekick Theresa May have been forced by their Israeli masters to use the scandal as a way of deflecting from the VIP paedophile scandal which is currently engulfing the UK Establishment.

blair-cover-up2Savile filthgreville-janner2BBC Paedos

Quite bizarrely, one of the barristers representing the Litvinenko family is none other than sly twat Ben Emmerson QC.

Emmerson has been roped in to put a dampener on the UK child- abuse inquiry headed by Justice Lowell Goddard and has already alienated many abuse victims with…

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