Who killed Peaches Geldof?


Peaches Geldof

In their desperation to keep a lid on Britain’s dirty secrets, the filth who run this septic isle will stop at nothing to cover their tracks- and that includes murder.

Anyone with inside knowledge about VIP paedophiles rings is soon silenced if they dare to speak out.

Look what happened to Princess Diana and Jill Dando.

Savile and DianaJim and DiDiana Murdered

Did the same fate befall Peaches Geldof ?

In July 2014, we posted the following:

” Did Peaches Geldof really die of a heroin overdose, or was she murdered, like many before her, because she had knowledge of the powerful VIP paedophile ring linked to the BBC, Government and Royalty?

Are the filthy British Establishment willing to stop at nothing to cover their sordid secrets?

She had already tweeted the name of the mothers who helped depraved singer Ian Watkins abuse babies.


Ian Watkins Fearne CottonIan Watkins FilthPeaches tweet

Ian Watkins was once the boyfriend of Fearne Cotton.

Fearne Cotton’s…

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