Playland 1976 – Centre of Child Vice Racket – Did it get shut down?

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In my post Paedophilia around Piccadilly Part 4 Playland Trial and Cover up[16] I wrote

“What happened to Playland and other arcades? Were they closed down?”

This post tries to find out what happened. It includes four newspaper articles, kindly provided to me, about the renewal of licences for Playland amusement arcade in 1975/6.

Playland Arcade Licences Renewal – Newspaper articles 1975-6

Article 1 26th Sept 1975 The Times Michael Horsnell Council to decide on Playland Arcade. Court cases bring home the plight of many runaway children

Article 2 27th Sept 1975 The Times Council Refuses to renew Playland Licences

Article 3 8th April 1976 The Times Playland the amusement arcade near Piccadilly, London is to remain open.

Article 4 16th June 1976  The Times Plea to tighten fun arcade law

The texts and copies of the clippings can be found towards the end of this post.

Playland was going…

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